It is difficult to talk about a long and healthy life being aware that millions are forced to drink water that does not conform with sanitary norms… and the inhabitants of large industrial cities do not see the sun for weeks ... It is important that 300 industrial objects with significant negative impact on the environment will be complying with environmentally friendly best available techniques, starting with 2019.

Vladimir Putin

BAT Transfer

One of the most important elements of the emerging regulatory system in Russia lies in transition of the Russian industry to compliance with Best Available Techniques (BAT) concept. This process will create an effective mechanism for the sustainable development of Russian industry by using rationally material and energy resources and performing environmental protection activities. Meeting the challenges BAT modernization will not only affect the issues of increasing competitiveness and import substitution but provide a new approach for doing business in Russia.

Russian BAT BREFs 2015-2017

51 Information and Technical Reference Books on the best available techniques (ITRB BATs) (ссылка на закон) were approved in 2015-2017. ITRB BAT is a document of the national standardization system, adopted by the Federal executive authority empowered in the field of standardization; ITRB BAT contains systematized data in the defined area (of activities) and includes description of technologies, processes, methods (techniques), approaches, equipment and other data (Federal Law of June 29 2015 No. 162 – ссылка на закон). ITRB BATs will play a key role in the process of transition of Russian regulation system to BAT principles. Reference Books were developed with special focus on techniques, technologies, equipment, raw materials and other resources available in the Russian Federation, also taking into account the climate characteristics, economic and social significance of industrial sites. ITRB BATs reflect the current level of emissions of industrial enterprises (Federal Law of 10 January 2002 No. 7-FZ – ссылка на закон). The procedure for determining certain technique as BAT, as well as the development, updating and publication of ITS BAT is set up in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 23, 2014 No. 1458.

Updating Russian BAT BREF

The transition to the BAT principles is quite a long time-consuming continuous process. That is why it is necessary to monitor and update existing ITRB BATs. The Article 28.1 219-FZ states that the revision of techniques determined as BAT is carried out at least once every ten years. The process of updating ITRB BATs will start in 2018.

Assessment of BAT compliance

In order to ensure the transition of regulatory system on the BAT principles, it is necessary to understand how to assess technological processes, technical devices, equipment and BAT requirements. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation will use the assessment results to implement state support measures for R&D projects in the field of developing new high-tech products, reindustrialization of the economy and creation of competitive BAT-related industries. It is also important to take into account future activities of expert commissions: review of applications for integrated environmental permits (IEP), IEP site inspections and activities of the Interdepartmental Commission On Environmental Performance Enhancement Programme (EPEP)

Inter-Departmental Commission on EPEP

Following the provisions of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 21, 2015, No. 999, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation has created the Interdepartmental Commission On Environmental Performance Enhancement Programme (EPEP Commission).

The Commission coordinates the activities of the federal and regional executive authorities concerned during the review and approval of draft Environmental Performance Enhancement Programmes prior to approval by legal entities or individual entrepreneurs

Inter-Departmental Council on BAT

The Inter-Departmental Council on the transition to the principles of Best Available Techniques (Technologies) and implementation of modern technologies was established back in May 2014 in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation of 07 May 2014 No 861. The Council is responsible for setting up rules for the exchange of information in the field of Best Available Techniques taking into consideration the international experience in this area.


Technical working groupsconsist of members representing federal and regional authorities concerned, industries (enterprises) and industrial associations, universities, research bodies, engineering and consulting companies, as well as NGOs. The main objective of those groups is to draw up ITRB BATS. Currently, 51 technical groups are active.

The procedure for drawing up ITRB BATs lies on the using data obtained directly from industrial enterprises and involves each member of the TWG. Decisions in general are taken on the basis of consensus.. In the Russian Federation, Technical working groups are formed ‘under the umbrella’ Russian BAT Bureau and ensuring of unified approaches to the Russian BREF development is carried out by TC 113 ‘Best Available Techniques’.

Methodological support of BAT

EIPC provides methodological support to industry in the field of BAT compliance. Technical Committee on standardization TC 113 ‘Best Available Techniques’ was established to ensure the implementation of activities aimed at supporting the introduction of BAT in Russian Federation, e.g. draw up, revise, and publish BAT related standardization documents (BREFs, national standards, codes of practice, etc.). TC 113 has already developed more than 40 standardization documents.

Industrial Development Rating and Modeling Introduction of BAT

It is important for the balance observance of industrial policy and ecological safety within federal and regional programs forming to give complex rate including the ecological assessment.

Using international and national modeling instruments gives an opportunity to observe different scenarios, to evaluate the efficiency of planned environment-oriented measures, to foresee all negative ecological consequences and to suggest real measures compensating them.

Feedback task is the rating of existed and planned legislative ecological and industrial requirements for the prevention and taking down of additional limits and barriers delaying industrial development.

Ecological Engineering Industry

For modernization and transformation of Russian industry according to the BAT principles it is important to supply the needs of Russian plants both industrial equipment and the equipment for aqua and gas purification and also analytical facilities for providing of the requirements according to the automatic controlling of ejections and shedding.

There are many different arrangements and measures of the state support of engineering industry and import substitution at this branch, however, in fact all of them do not affect the aqua and gas purification branches and the analytical facilities.

The complex of directional measures is needed for the developing of such branches which is going to recall the focusing of the given producers into the single sub named Ecological Engineering Industry. Evaluation of the existed capacity, elaboration of plans and forecasts for the sub developing are needed.

Business Games

Business gamesare considered as an effective mechanism for drawing up draft legal acts that is why this approach will be used extensively during the BAT transition process.

At the moment, business games are held on the basis of Category I BAT objects (sites) with significant environmental impact.

The Government authorities, industries (enterprises) and industrial associations, universities, research bodies, engineering and consulting companies, as well as NGOs are participating in these activities

Legal Documents

Following enter into force of he Federal Law No. 219-FZ of 21.07.2014 ‘On Amending the Federal Law ‘On Environmental Protection’ and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation’, the process of determining priority measures for refusal to use outdated and inefficient technologies, the transition of the Russian industry sectors concerned to the BAT principles and introduction of modern technologies in the main sectors of the economy has started. The existing legal framework in the BAT field has determined the areas of BAT application in accordance with the main industrial sectors of the Russian economy, established a step-by-step schedule for the development of ITRB BATs, identified participants in the BAT transfer process.

International Cooperation

In the frames of harmonization with International Legislation the Russian Federation has already ratified and joined the number of international Conventions and Agreements which contain ecological requirements for industry. At the present moment the RF is considering the opportunity of ratification of the number of International Agreements such as Paris Climate Accord, Gothenburg Protocol and Aarhus Convention about trasnboundary transferring emissions.

For taking into consideration the ratification of such agreements evaluation is hold according to the possible consequences for Russia including the frames of industrial development.