On September 5, 2019 at the Zaryadye Park (Lecture hall at Nature Centre) III International Climate Forum of Cities had a panel session ‘Environmental Modernisation of Industry and Infrastructure: Role of Leaders’. The event gathered around 100 representatives of various organizations: industrial enterprises, research institutes, academia, government bodies and NGOs.

The presentations were made by the experts in the field of sustainable development, best available techniques and environmental protection from the UK, India, Italy, Norway, Russia and Sweden.

The OECD representative, Marit Hjort, informed the audience about the completion of the third phase of the OECD international project ‘Best Available Techniques (BAT) to Prevent and Control Industrial Pollution: Actvity 3 ‘Measuring the Effectiveness of BAT Policies’. The Russian version of the report was prepared by Research Institute ‘Environmental Industrial policy Centre’ (Russian BAT Bureau) experts. This report aroused interest among Russian experts, but also among their colleagues from Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The panel session was focused on environmental modernisation of industry, speakers from Sweden, Italy and the UK – Richard Almgren, Giangiacomo Dandrea and Tom Cumberlege presented the results of international projects on industrial pollutant and greenhouse gas emission reduction, as well as BAT-related resource and energy efficiency enhancement.

Chirag Bhimani reviewed the first results of BAT transition in India; special attention had been given to the main challenges faced by industrial enterprises.

The European economic instruments for industrial modernization were presented by Alina Averchenkova and the opportunities for their implementation in Russia were discussed by the experts.

The Russian experience of industrial enterprise modernization was presented by Yury Erokhin of AO Gazpromneft – MNPZ; he reported on the results of the modernization and activities for significant reduction of environmental impact, applied at one of the largest petrochemical sites in Russia.






Environmental Modernisation of Industry and Infrastructure – Role of Leaders



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06_Chirag Bhimani_India

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Report. Activity 3: Measuring the Effectiveness of Best Available Techniques Policies, 2019:


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